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About Nicholas O'Toole

Nicholas O'Toole is an award-winning composer and sound designer for brands, advertisements and movie trailers. Nicholas has created music for film, television, video games, commercials and some of the largest brands including Disney, Marvel, McDonald's,Tide, Lexus, Audi, Xbox, ABC, Hyundai, Harley-Davidson, Thrifty, Hertz, THQ Nordic and Audi. In 2022 Nicholas founded Wave Canon, a new branded music and sound service company for all media needs.

A Graduate of Berklee College of Music, Nicholas relocated to Los Angeles in 2004 and began his career as a composer. In 2020 Nicholas won two Music + Sound Awards for his work on a complete refresh of Oxygen Network and Al Jazeera's sonic brand identity as part of the Sonic Lens team.

In 2013 Nicholas teamed up with Jonathan Davis of Korn to write the score for After The Dark (AKA - The Philosophers) and again in 2018 for the film American Satan for which they won "Best original Score" at the Boston film Festival. In 2013 Nicholas also teamed up with Slash to co-write the score for the horror feature Nothing Left to Fear and again in 2017 to create a title track for  THQ Nordic's game MX vs ATV - ALL out. In 2019 Nicholas wrote original music for Audi's The Debriefing, a short film by Anthony Leonardi III created as part of the Avenger's - Endgame promotion.

Nicholas is a multi-instrumentalist who excels at music technology and prides himself on creating innovative music, soundscapes and sonic brands. Nicholas is the first in his family to locate to Los Angeles to forge a career in music since his great grandfather Jack Miller who was known for leading the band and being the right hand for America's beloved Kate Smith (Singer - 'God Bless America').